Food Science @ Tresind :Review

Molecular Gastronomy is the art in food! Come and get to see the  modern Indian cuisine taking the presentation to a next level!

I was here to preview the Iftar menu which costs AED200 (all inclusive) per person. Located on second floor, The ultra modern yet keeping the flavors of India “Tresind” offers a unique dining experience to its visitors! It’s known for experimenting molecular gastronomy on food and drinks making it extraordinary and exciting!

Warmly welcomed by the lovely staff! We were seated right next to the window which had a full view of busy Shk. Zayed road.  I was introduced to my down to earth server Akash. He got us some dates with a refreshing passion fruit lava drink which had blueberries, raspberry with passion fruit seeds.


img_1790Amuse Bouche

long tray with items like almond milk, steamed edamame , stuffed liver chicken, crudités, date candy  were beautifully displayed! Along came the salad of the day which was Eggplant salad with saffron dressing, it was amazing to how delicious it tasted.img_0646Later the sides came in…We thoroughly enjoyed all – tempura chili, burnt butter couscous, Mongolian beef, creamed mushrooms, lamb kofta and chicken keema served with cutest mini pavs. From their set menu you can only choose two so the ones that I would recommend are Mongolian Beef, mixed in a spice which is very flavorful! And Tempura chili, presented beautifully! Kashmiri chili stuffed in with potato and tamarind chutney drizzled on top!

Briyani Chicken and mutton briyani was presented to us! Found the chicken one to be less in flavors and very mild! In compared with chicken the mutton tasted better!_dsc5880Lamb Nihari juicy bone marrow dusted with 24 carat gold! It looked luxurious! The taste was outstanding! The gravy was bursting with flavors and the meat was soft yet delicious!_dsc5882Venison Laal Maas  the bloody thick red gravy dish again amazed us! The deer meat was delicious. (not pictured)

Roast tajine Baked sea bass- beautifully displayed on a black platter. It was soft and very colorful. The ssam sauce got the spice and the finely chopped tomatoes, onions and cucumbers got the freshness and flavors.img_1791Roast Chicken tender, again the presentation was great! Well marinated. Loved it!_dsc5872


_DSC5886Caramelized Kulfi with saffron presented in wooden chilled bowls. The scoop was crispy, and very delicious

_DSC5890A plate with bitable size meethai assorted Indian sweets. Who doesn’t like that!

img_0710Deconstructed black forest cake silver tray where the chef prepared it live on our table. It was great to see the whole procedure! The doda barfi got the Indian spin. Caramelized, chocolaty..yum Loved it!!_dsc5897

Paan flavored cotton candy how cute was the presentation, it tastes exactly like paan! Don’t miss it out!

I thoroughly enjoyed my iftar. The service was great! Presentation was on point! It’s a unique dining experience. Do give a visit!

Would Go Again


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Food Science @ Tresind :Review
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Food Science @ Tresind :Review
Try Indian cuisine at a very next level. Get to see outstanding presentations and indulge some mouthwatering dishes and desserts!
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