Hola California @ Tortilla: Review

Located in Dubai Festival CityTortilla promises to serve you the best Mexican food in Dubai. From mouthwatering burritos to tacos customize it to your liking and indulge the real flavors of California style Mexican cuisine only at Tortilla.   

img_0809Even though its right inside the food court Tortilla is designed differently having their own corner where they have hip hop decor with funky ceiling lamps, seats, and brick walls. The ambiance itself is very fun and happening! I was welcomed by the super friendly staff, their wide smiles just brightened my day even more. Once i was seated the manager decently explained to how it all started and by hearing to how the UK based owner originally from California, Brandon and his wife Jen started off i was amazed to see how interestingly it all began in the year 2007… After all the success and craze in UK he finally opens one in Dubai.img_0806When it comes to the menu, its simple which makes it less complicated. The one page menu tells you their favorites, and then the meals/fillings. I am a huge fan of burritos so had to try one for sure!img_0808I was asked to place my order and there i was explaining to what i want! You can play around and prepare it to your own liking! You can either go simple or crazy! It was nice to see my order being prepared all fresh right in front of me!


All toppings and fillings are made from scratch. No frozen, always fresh.

Its cute to how each table had a fun fact/truth brochure about the restaurant Tortilla. One side had nutrition slim facts, the other had a top 10 truths and how to eat a burrito! always nice to know a little more about the food. Anyway, lets get into the food now:

THE FOOD img_0803

The serving portions might look small according to the prices but it has a good amount of stuffing which makes it heavy and worthy.

California Burrito

img_0801I went with a filling of black beans, lemon rice, guacamole, cheese, spicy salsa, and with a mixture of char-grilled chicken and shrimps. The soft flour tortilla with all the fillings of my choice was thoroughly enjoyed by me! It tasted amazing!!

Santa Fe Tacos

img_0805 img_0800Beautifully displayed on a wooden board these three tacos were filled in three different manner. Two crispy taco with a filling of chicken and shrimp and one soft flour taco with beef. Its stuffed with cheese, guacamole, spicy salsa, corn and sour cream. This was my very first time having a crispy taco and yes it was delicious. I loved all three but if to choose one the SHRIMPS win! They are so tender and char grilled to perfection!

Nachos Queso

Crispy tortilla chips topped with guacamole, spicy salsa, cheese sauce and jalapenos. Addictive snack which you just keep crunching and crunching.. Fresh and delicious! As for the DRINK i went with homemade lime Margarita which was such a thirst quencher! Sweet and tangy perfect for summer!

Overall, my experience at Tortilla was tasty and fun! The service, staff and food is really really good.. Do give them a visit!

Would Go Again

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Hola California @ Tortilla: Review
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Hola California @ Tortilla: Review
Mexico meets Dubai! Super chic restaurant with a less complicated menu. Head down to Tortilla and grab the best burritos and tacos!
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