From Belgium to Dubai @ Waffle Factory :Review

Waffle Factory, a franchise from Belgium which promises to serve the best waffles in town! This is the first brand to be opened in Dubai and its located in the new extension of Burjuman Center. It has a straight forward menu, with different variety of sweet and savory waffles. 

img_1192-1Keeping the street food atmosphere, the hard benches, disposable cutlery and the simple menu got the right vibe. The interiors were dark with a pop of red. Its a cozy packed dessert parlor which you would want to pop in after a hectic shopping spree! img_1191

The dark Belgium chocolate, white chocolate and whipped cream is freshly prepared in house!

They have a special dough mixer which has come all the way from Belgium. Their staff is trained professionally and the open kitchen concept is always a satisfying thing to watch while waiting.img_1185They have partnership with Movenpick Ice Cream which is a brand of Swiss. The smoothness and taste makes the waffles and milkshakes even more tempting and delcious! img_1180I went for a Cappuccino Milkshake. The consistency was perfect and the taste was mind blowing! I would highly recommend you all to try out their milkshakes.


They are made out of pizza dough which are shaped in a waffle! This is the reason why its crusty and crisper! They have 8 fillings that you can choose from and i went with…

img_1182 T i k k a 

filling: spicy chicken, dutch cheese, bell peppers, and spicy mayo tikka. It is slightly spicy and very moist. This is an Indian styled waffle so with tea it would be a great evening snack.

img_1181 I t a l i a n 

 filling: chicken, goat cheese, pesto, and dutch cheese. The whole blending was done with perfection! Loved the goat cheese in it. Yum! I am a huge fan of Italian food and seeing it in a waffle form made me all happy! Very well created and it tastes amazing!img_1183

 V e g e t a r i a n 

  filling: dutch cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It tasted really good and the amount of cheese was just about right! The tomato paste and olives got the pizza flavors which i loved! If you are a vegetarian this would be good for you!

There are only two options for vegetarians but don’t worry Waffle Factory will be introducing more very soon and not just that Arabic fillings like Oman chips with labneh and many other creations will be hitting the menu!

Sweet WAffles

Choose the waffle style accordingly to your taste and liking, from texture to toppings design it your own way and enjoy it with tea,coffee or a milkshake!


 W A F f i n e 

Choose a filling of either marzipan, cookies, brownies, lotus, nutella or dark Belgium chocolate. This is a neat waffle as the toppings are filled inside. Its thin and crispy i went with nutella and pistachio ice cream! This has to be my favorite! Make a special request if you want to double the toppings!

img_1188 L i e g e

Went a little crazy with this one! The waffle is filled with sugar which caramelizes while baking. The texture is crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. Now the toppings we went with was vanilla ice cream and white chocolate. Kind of messed it up so ended up making it extremely sweet! The waffle itself is sweet as its caramelized so i would recommend going with less sweeter toppings!

img_1187  B r u s s e l s 

light squared waffle made with liquid dough topped with a good amount of toppings! went with dark Belgium chocolate and bananas. The texture of waffle is very very soft, i would recommend to add something else instead of bananas! Maybe nuts so it balances out the softness! But the chocolate was delicious!

Thanks a lot Neha for being a true sweet heart and welcoming us all to Waffle Factory. The day was well spend with my fellow bloggers and hope to visit soon with my baby niece.

Would Go Again
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From Belgium to Dubai @ Waffle Factory :Review
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From Belgium to Dubai @ Waffle Factory :Review
Welcome to Dubai Waffle Factory! A franchise all the way from Belgium brings in the best mouth watering waffles and milkshakes!
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