Sushi With A View @ TOMO :Review

This has to be one of the most amazing tasting session! TOMO is located in Raffles on the 17th floor, I was welcomed in a very traditional way by the staff who were dressed in kimonos. The restaurant is divided in two sections, smoking and a non smoking area. The staff led me to the outdoor rooftop terrace which offered the most spectacular views of Dubai skyline, I would highly recommend the smoking area it will surely take your breath away!


Opted for two mocktails, Berry and Red Ichigo both tasted equally good and refreshing. They were towards the sweeter side and not sour which is always a plus point for me. PS you can always come here for just the drinks!




After a while, Edamame which are boiled soy beans came in, this was my very first time having these little snacks and have to say that they are super addictive! You cant eat just one!




A platter of three different rolled sushi in seaweed was presented beautifully on my table. I do hesitate a lot when it comes to trying sushi’s. But for some reason I was very confident for this one as it was not leaving unpleasant smell and looked appealing too.


I tried Tuna, Salmon, Crab and Avocado sushi and out of all i really liked crab and avocado sushi it was something which beginners can give it a try.The sauces do help a lot so i went with chili oil and chili paste as the spice adds in more flavors.



Chicken Gyoza

Home made fried dumpling filled with chicken and vegetables. Hands down the best dumplings i have ever had. It was not gooey or chewy, very thin and steamed to perfection. The stuffing was very flavorful and this dish is highly recommended to all. Umm YUM LOVED IT!


Ebi Furai

Deep fried breaded tiger prawns served with tartar sauce. Very delicious and oil free. Squeeze in some lemon and enjoy it with the sauce!



Gindara Saikyoyaki

Grilled slightly sweet miso flavored cod fish. A little disappointed with this dish i do believe that it was lacking in flavors! The presentation was a spot on very nicely done but taste wise not so good.


Wagyu Tsukune

Skewered grilled minced wagyu bee. Oh my, this tasted amazing. So soft and bursting with great flavors yet again i would highly recommend the beef lovers to give this one a try!






Creamy vanilla ice cream rolled in green tea cake that came with a side of two ice cream scoops of unique flavors, green tea and sesame with freshly sliced fruits and a side of red beans. Such a pretty looking dessert. I enjoyed it a lot!

Overall my dinner at TOMO was fantastic! Enjoyed my food with a great view! And when it comes to the service they did a great job, well trained and friendly. The quality and presentation of food is phenomenal. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers authentic Japanese cuisine just go here trust me there is something to everyone’s liking!


TOMO i am very impressed with you i shall be coming here again very soon…

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