Authentic Pakistani Food @ Des Pardes :Review

Looking for an authentic Pakistani restaurant? Why not head down to Des Pardes, Dubai. This place reminds me of my moms cooking. It has the taste that brings back memories of good times with family

I was welcomed with warmth and love just like how any Pakistani restaurant staff would be with its customers. Walking into the restaurant, the first impression you get from the interiors is that something good will be coming on the table. The vibe is very desi: Pakistani flags, green ceiling light work, wooden tables and chairs, big water jugs on each table, fans and other knick-knacks Mr. Sajjad, our lovely host arranged a table right in the corner for us. It was cozy, private and comfortable. With his giggles and adorable shy personality he sweetly suggested us some dishes. The menu holds a ton of variety.. There is something for everyone: Vegetarian dishes, chicken, mutton, BBQs, rice, rolls, and snacks you name it, they have it.

t h e  f o o d

Chicken Achari Boti Roll AED12

Wrapped in tandoor roti this huge heavy roll is stuffed with all the goods. Loved the vibrant colors and the taste was phenomenal. (good for two)

Mix Grill AED18

Tender, juicy boneless boti and kebabs is a good platter, with that price you are getting a lot from the grills. If you are a fan of barbecue then do go with this!

Rogni Naan AED3

Has to be the softest naan! I would so just eat this with my cup of tea. Highly recommend this naan!

Famous Chicken Handi AED20

Its famous and now i know to why it holds this title! Its bursting with flavors and spices and the texture and consistency is just like butter chicken. Loved it!

Baigan aed8

For my vegetarian fellas! This dish comes on a milder side..delicious

Bhindi Masala AED10

aah.. I’m a fan of lady fingers! so this was all eaten by me! Loved everything about it..

Chicken Biryani AED13 & Mutton Pulao AED18

Rice lovers! You have to have the chicken biryani its shaddi style dish! Bursting out with flavors and spices this is highly recommended! and as for the pulao the side dish of spicy tomato sauce goes so well with it that it emphasizes the right amount of flavor and texture

Sweet Lassi AED7

its a must try item! Very refreshing and has the creamiest consistency

Karak Tea AED1

much needed after a good delicious heavy lunch..

Aloo Samosa AED1.50

Huge in size and yummy in taste.. such a handy snack to have in the evening with tea!

Gulab Jamun AED2pp

YUM YUM YUM! These meethais are in house prepared! Super fresh and mazaydaarr..

Kheer AED6

yet another sweet made freshly in house.. must try!

Overall, my experience in Des Pardes was great! You are getting so many choices, variety, taste and quality at such a good price! Your tummy and pockets be will be satisfied! I thoroughly enjoyed my food and the service. Mr.Sajjad was a sweetheart so do go with his suggestions as he knows the best!

PS: on FRIDAYS they have Desi Nashta. (halwa, puri etc)

Would Go Again

SIDENOTE: Now the one thing that might trigger a family or a woman from going to such places is the crowd. It didn’t bother me at all as shutters were placed right next to us for privacy. Plus the manager and the servers are very respectful towards their customers so don’t panic at all! the best of comfort will be adjusted accordingly to you.

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