Kathi and Curry @ Dabang :Review

Located in Marina Mall food court, Dabang offers delicious Kolkata style kathi rolls, curries and biryanis. Having the option to either go with extreme spices or mild this restaurant has a vast variety of Indian dishes.

The task to make Indian cuisine taste really good is by making sure its prepared freshly, served extremely hot and more importantly has the right flavors. Being located in a food court its always challenging for such restaurants but what i really liked here at Dabang was the way everything was cooked fresh and served hot!

Live cooking station for the Kathi Rolls…

When it comes to the menu they have a ton of options but nothing to where a customer is left confused or lost. Each item is explained really well by the counter lady and the Manager himself so don’t hesitate at all to ask for any recommendations.

PS. The food is priced reasonably so add on the curries as well with the rolls…

« M y  O r d e r »

Park Street Chicken Roll AED16 & Hotel Mumbai Mutton Roll AED19

Monsoon Mutton Biryani AED30

Everyone’s Favorite Chicken Tikka Masala AED29

Kuldeep’s Special dal (makhani) AED26

Cloud 9 Carrot Pudding AED11 & Dabang Decadence AED16

Everything was delicious and i love how big the food portions are at Dabang. The price that you are paying for is so valuable!  I would recommend the rolls and the Dal Makhani; it has to be one of the most creamy well made dal makhani in Dubai. And the Rolls are super big and stuffy and good for two! As for the desserts; the Dabang decadence has a surprise of gulab jamun right in the center.. i personally think they could work a little more on the icecream quality and the brownie flavor..

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