Chimney Cakes & Cones @ Merika Cafe :Review

Hungary’s favorite dessert ‘Chimney’ is now in Dubai. With over 120+ franchises around the world Merika Cafe has finally come here. Bread-like, cylindrical shape pastry has a soft texture on the inside and a crunch on the outside. Whats makes its fun is the variety of options you have for the coatings.

You can either go with the traditional sugar coating for your Chimney or even with the nutty or sprinkles. This place has a lot to offer when it comes to flavors. Plus, its not just that the hollow is stuffed with Italian gelato

Do You know Merika Cafe makes gluten free and egg free Chimneys!

The three steps that you see above is how its freshly baked and prepped. The secret dough recipe does its magic without the eggs and gluten. As you can see they have two molds: cone and cylinder shape these bad guys help with shaping, and the skewers gets inserted in the electric oven.. few rounds of rotation in oven makes it equally baked and there its ready to be coated..

The Chimney Cake

Let me present you the Chimney Cake!! I went with a coating of chocolate and sprinkles. I had to decide on the 3 flavors so as suggested i went with hazelnut, pistachio, and caramel. That’s where you thought the hollow was just stuffed with the gelatos only right !? but nah it had fresh berries and bananas in it making it soo extra refreshing as well as giving a number of different textures

The GElato ∼

Now even the gelato is made in house. The machines are especially shipped here all the way from Italy so the quality and the freshness we get in the ice cream remains. And trust me when you take your first bite you will understand to how different they taste and how amazing the quality is..

the Chimney Cone

The hollow was stuffed with mini marshmallows and strawberry sauce after which two big scoops of mango and strawberry gelato was placed. As you can see this not only looks pretty but tastes amazing as well! The flavor of their in house gelatos are just way too delicious.

As for the chimney cone it was sturdy yet soft, holding it all in place. The texture was just like a normal cone but definitely a better and tastier version of it (of course healthier) don’t forget to sip in some finely grind Italian coffee as well. i had iced latte and it was delicious

and here it all came to an end! After indulging some great chimneys and coffee i had to take a leave… Overall my experience at Merika Cafe was amazing. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Do go with their suggestions as they do know to what suits best with each chimney coatings. Having said that the interiors and the view was not at all compromised. It has an organic feel to it, lots of freshness and natural light with breathtaking JBR skyline.

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