My 21 days Nutridiet Journey

I finally made a decision to try out nutridiet.. Was it easy? Was it all worth it? and the main question did i actually loose anything? Well find it all here…

As most of you all know i was busy with my shifting schedule and due to the stress i ended up gaining all the weight back that i lost with Pilates! What was even more depressing was that i actually gained double! i was 59KGS and in just one and a half month i gained 10KGS which made me go from 59KGS to 69KGS!

Nothing more than just regretting to why i messed up my healthy routine and didn’t anyhow carried on with doing some exercises! With all the work due and stress i just couldn’t control my hunger and will power! All my months of hard work drenched down the river in a month!!

I was going in depression as nothing was fitting me, i was very unhappy with my self and so this is when i decided to give Nutridiet a try!


They have a very informative website where you get to choose from three programs to which your body needs! COD is available and the service is pretty good i received mine in 5 days!

Weight Maintenance Program

Replace 1 meal per day in 30 days


Moderate Weight Loss Program

Replace 2 meals per day in 30 days


Quick Weight Loss Program*

Replace all meals per day in 21 days

Click the Program to which ever one you think is the best for you it will take you directly to the page where an overview and product description is given!

Now its pretty obvious to which one i went with! Yes, the Quick Weight loss Program. I wanted something that helps me throughout my shifting process as my hob was not installed where i could prepare healthy meals for myself. I found this one to be easily done as i just had to drink this all day long.. But I have to say from eating fatty foods to drinking thick shakes this journey was not easy at all!

Now all i had to do was: Replace all meals per day in 21 days

the program contained 105 sachets of mixed flavored powder that i had to prepare by just adding 200ml of water in my shaker bottle that comes in with it as well and mix it well then drink it all immediately! The first two days was where i wanted to give up as it tasted so bad! Replacing all meals with Nutridiet shakes and having it 5 times a day was not the best any how the motivation was given to me by my loved ones that kept me going!


My first week

Sadly, lost only 1KG I was expecting extreme results on my first week but that didn’t happen! I guess it acts differently for each one of us! Anyway, i still kept on going! I did moderate exercises for 45mins everyday and if anyhow hunger stroked in between evenings i had cucumbers and carrots with a pinch of salt and pepper. I was too afraid to weigh myself again every week due to disappointment of not losing anything but today was the day where i did as its the end of my 21 days program and i lost 4KGS in total.. finally i could fit in my old jeans!

Overall, my journey of Nutridiet was super hard. As i was a late night sleeper my night time hunger used to be something unhealthy and that was when i just wanted a strong will power and anyhow fill my stomach with water! But I am glad that i survived this far where today it is my last i finally say goodbye to my program. Ill be honest here i wont be missing this at all lol


I was definitely expecting mind blowing results losing 4KGS in 21 days can be lost by eating solid healthy food with veggie smoothies. I am saying this cause i have experienced it where i have actually lost it in a month!

S u m m a r y  &  T I P S

Flavor to  go with would be forest fruit before ordering a program get a hold on one box which contains 15sachets and cost AED150 i am saying this cause its not an easy thing first check to see if you can make a commitment to stick to the program you choose for that many days. And the most important one keep your expectations low! It might work wonders for some but sadly even though following it strictly i lost only 4KGS! Not sure if i should be happy about it or not but i guess i would only recommend who is ready to splurge AED800 on a 21days program! To be honest i can loose 4KGS in a lesser amount of money plus that as well in an interesting way!

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