DIY Valentines Day Ideas 2017

Valentines Day is a time when people show feelings of love, and affection! And here i share some easy ideas…

For casual couples

the effort should matter not the price tag!


Wouldn’t it be nice to see your loved one setting up a cozy atmosphere with those LED fake candles and some delicious snacks, rose petals and soft music in the background?! This would be an ideal date for me getting cozy at home with my loved one! Now its totally up to on how creative you want to get with the settings! You can either cook or order dinner. Prepare something that he/she loves and capture the smile for life! After which play the most romantic number or maybe a song that is really special to both of you and dance along the night!

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The weather in Dubai is so romantic and this would be a cute date night as well where you stop by some Indian Snack corner to have pani puri with your loved one. Go for a movie and then to Last Exit , which is street food truck park!

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Go for a long drive and wear something warm where you can slide down those car windows and enjoy the romantic winds while holding hands! Either get a take away or some snacks and stop by a desert, its the most calming spot as there is no one to distract you! Its just you two and the stars!! Set the bonfire and giggle your night away in one cozy big blanket!


SIDENOTE: Ladies make it different this year and plan something for HIM! Lets not pressure the guys on Valentines day!

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